My mind is on Spring

Well, the warm weather is still here, amazing, could it be staying?
I just bought this wonderful springy teatowel from the opp shop, isn't it great, I love the crochet edge.

And I've been making skirts, like this one which I will be putting in my shop today. Linen and stripes.

And I have ideas for some spring dresses too, which I may just get started on in the next few days.
Including one for my growing wee girl.

The garden is not the only thing that's sprouting at the moment. Our little girl is growing so fast. 9 months now, where did the time go? You've just worked out how to pull yourself along on your tummy to get those toys just out of reach. And yesterday when I went to get you from your bed you were sitting up playing with your socks, all nonchalantly like no big deal, I do this all the time mum when you're not watching. How did you manoeuvre from your tummy to your bottom? Soon you'll be crawling, you're up on your hands and knees getting the feel of things. You better watch out Liam, she'll be after you soon.


Anonymous said...

What be beautiful wee skirt, yes I really should get on to making some more things for the shop, you have me all inspired! Have a fab day xxx

Calypso said...

What a great tea-towel, lovely skirt, and gorgeous little girl!