Ok, well here we are, hello
(What do I write for my first post?!)

I have this picture framed and hanging on the wall in the entrance of our little home. This is us - though none of us really look like this, but anyway - I think this picture sums us up - though Aaron doesn't smoke a pipe. If you check in on this blog you will probably see a lot about the crafty things I am making plus a fair bit of the kids - which the out of town (and country) grandparents will appreciate I'm sure.

I'm hoping for it to be a journal of sorts of this time in our life, the simple day to day things we get up to and the goings on in our home, the sort of things that will be long forgotten about in a few years if we don't write them down.
The picture by the way is from the inside cover of a childrens book I found at the opp shop. Farmer Barnes Buys a Pig by John A Cunliffe, the illustrations are by Carol Barker.


Frith said...

Hi Hanna, Great blog!!!
I am looking forward to checking your page lots to see what exciting things you have been up to, and of course what good scores you have found at the oppy!!! Love the hamper, totally not what I imagined.
Liams a little cutie, funny guy.
Take care, till next time oxoxoxxo

Anonymous said...
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