FAVOURITES FOR FRIDAY ... large scale art

Hi everyone, this week has gone fast, I'm still getting back into the hang of this blogging thing again. I meant to post something else this week but hey it's Friday already! How did you sneak up on me Friday?
So to be easy on myself I'm going to do something simple today, I have the idea of making this a regular Friday thing, hopefully.
I'm going to share with you some inspiring images.
I'm very much a visual person, I could spend hours browsing through magazines (if only there was no other work to do!), if you are like me in this way and you don't use Pinterest then I advise you to head on over there and check it out, immediately. (Over on the right hand side of my blog here you can see some images labelled 'LATEST PINS', click on that and it will take you to Pinterest.) For me Pinterest is like a huge online magazine full of beautiful pictures, but it's better than a magazine because you can search for certain things and you can save them in categorised folders. This solves the problem of stacks of magazines with bookmarked corners and not remembering which magazine had the picture or article that you are trying to find. It's wonderful and brilliant I tell you! I found it super awesomely helpful when we were building/renovating our house.
So without further ado, my inspiration for this week. The sources for each image are linked at the bottom of the post (numbered 1 through 10) so you can click through and find out more about them.

This weeks theme - LARGE SCALE ART...
Happy Friday xx




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