Sewing - I must get back into it

Wow, there has been a real creative drought around these parts.  I haven't done any sewing for ages - well the last thing I made was actually the post before last, that was May! and before then it had been a while too.  I really must get back into it.  I was speaking to my sister in the phone this morning and she was saying the same, it's been a while, and she must get back into it. Life gets busy and the day to day to-do list gets in the way, but it feels good to be making things, I need to make time for it.


My excuse for a long while has been that my fabric was all packed away up in the storage, requiring a ladder to get to it - a sure way to stifle that burst of creativity! But now it's all organised in it's permanent home, so I have no excuse anymore!


This is my (almost) finished craft and homeschool cupboard.  It's at the end of the living room and has big doors that can can be closed up at the end of the day if we have a busy day and things get a little messy :).  We have been using it lots and it's really handy having everything finally in one place.


It took a while to sort out all those bags of fabric I had stored away, and now I can truly see just how much fabric I have! How did that happen! I shall not be buying any more fabric for a while. And I must start using up what I have!



Heart Felt said...

Fantastic...can't wait to see what you sew up with that amazing fabric stash!

Anonymous said...

You certainly can't complain that you don't have the right fabric for a project! I love that cupboard, so spacious yet hidden. Hmmm I wonder if we could justify one somewhere in our house.

nz green buttons said...

I so want a cupboard like that! Love it. A sewing drought here too, I always enjoy it once I start, it's just finding the time to get started!

Allana said...

What a great space Hanna!

Liesl said...

I haven't sewn anything since January! The garden has taken priority over sewing. But even then, I feel a little unmotivated by the old needle and thread. Hopefully, Autumn here will bring a new interest for me.

Your stash looks lovely. Hoping you find time to sew soon. :)

taisa said...

I love your cupboard! I look forward to seeing what will make with all that pretty fabric!

Alessandra said...

I have a lot of material too, and no time to make things with it... and yours is all neatly folded!


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