Hello there

Hi everyone, it's about time I visited you here aye!
August beach

We wrapped up warm and went for a walk on the beach yesterday.  I love beach walks in winter. It really clears out the cobwebs. This is one of Liam's favourite beaches as it has an old WW2 gun turret on the edge of the beach.

August beach August beach August beach August beach August beach

Look at this storm brewing! We were hit by very heavy rain on our drive home.

Storm brewing Storm brewing

Photos below taken from the inside of the gun turret. It's amazing going in there and imagining men on look out for enemy ships. Figuring out where they may have slept, imagining how they would have felt. It would have been damp and cold, but what an amazing view.

From the gun turret From the gun turret


Anonymous said...

Sooooo happy to see you back!! I think it is safe to say that we have all missed your lovely posts.

gabrielle said...

wow your two are looking so much bigger

Diane said...

Nice to see you! Glad you're all happy and enjoying yourselves :-)

the knight circus said...

Well hello, so nice to see you again xx

Liesl said...

Looks like a lovely outing. Can't wait for cooler weather here. :)