Foxy had a birthday

Liam woke up yesterday and decided it was Foxy's birthday.
Meet Foxy everyone. He turned four yesterday.

Foxy had a birthday

It was quite a good way really to pass another rainy day indoors.
We made cake and blew up balloons and invitations were made. Guests arrived bit by bit throughout the day, Liam kept announcing that someone was knocking on the door, I kept thinking there really was someone knocking on the door, and then I'd remember.

making birthday cake
Guests invited to Foxy's birthday
Foxy's birthday guests

The re-arranging of the books was something to do with the birthday party. Not really sure how it related, all I know is that they were a pain to get tidied up afterwards.

Books - something to do with Foxy's birthday

At afternoon tea time we sang happy birthday and Foxy blew out his candles, and then it was cake and tea for everyone :)

Happy birthday to Foxy
Foxy blowing out his candles
Cutting the cake for Foxy
Tea with cake


Mrs Knight said...

super super sweet!!

Gillian said...

Oh yes. We've done this a few times. Any excuse for a party and cake!

Donna T said...

Yum what is that delicious looking cake?

Allana said...

Happy Birthday Foxy! What a great way to spend a day :)

Anonymous said...

Hanna-do you realise just how many potential birthday parties this could lead to??!!You won't be able to leave town cos you're too busy baking, sending out invitations and answering the door! Mx

Anonymous said...

Must be something in the air. Every. Single. Book. was taken out at our house too yesterday. Something about 'hot lava' if you weren't stepping on one. :)