One of the (many) things I love about summer are the strawberries.
I planted a dozen strawberry plants last year that gave us lots of sweet little strawberries and then made lots and lots of little baby plants. So this year we have quite a large strawberry patch.
They have only just started ripening really, but look at that piled up bowl full that we collected this morning. The kids love searching for the sweet red treasures amongst the leaves. It's really worth planting them just for the enjoyment that the kids get out of it.
I had intentions to put some in the fridge as a wee after dinner snack sprinkled with icing sugar. But it seems my love of strawberries has well and truly passed down to my children. I couldn't wash and cut them quick enough.

And while we're on the subject of sweet little tasty things.
Aren't sleeping babies just the loveliest thing.
She's having sweet dreams I'm sure, how could you not with a little tummy full of strawberries.


Anonymous said...

Ours have somehow survived my neglect and are flowering. Here's hoping they survive long enough for us to move to our own house with a garden. There's nothing like picking a bunch of your own homegrown strawberries.

gardenmama said...

There certainly is nothing quite like fresh berries from the garden! Over the summer we would go to the farmers market and the kids would each get a little box each of strawberries, they would only last for the ride home! The taste is so unlike those found in the grocery store! I love love the first photo : ) And well, who doesn't love sleeping babes full with berries!

Liesl said...

I don't blame the little ones for gobbling them up. I bet they taste all that much better coming from your own strawberry patch.

Anonymous said...

The strawberries AND the sleeping child look good enough to eat! We managed to eat one strawberry between us before the birds got them - I didn't know that happened so better get some netting quick! x

Anonymous said...

Ripe strawberries all ready!! I have been giving my plants soo much tlc, but not a red berry in sight.
Ah well, it is colder down here.
xx Isly wiley you are so cute!! xx

nz green buttons said...

ours seldom make it to the bowl! I've started thinking that they are really only for my 3yr old and I've stopped being disappointed that I always miss out. Lovely photos of your little ones. Do you want any rapsberry canes? I've got some spare I could post to you.

Heart Felt said...

Now I'm missing my strawberry patch back at the old house....never mind ~ I'll just enjoy the images of yours. xx

busygnomes said...

Isla's lips.... to die for!

Our Green Nest said...

YUM YUM YUM!!! and adorable!! :)