Special gifts

I mentioned a while ago that my mum came to stay and bought two special things with her that I was going to show you. Well I've finally got around to photographing them. I've kind of been putting off photographing the quilt, a big thing with so much little detail and I've heard others say how tricky it is to photograph quilts. But in the end it wasn't too bad. I think my photos kind of show it ok. Of course they don't really do it justice.
I just love this so much. Mum has put so much time and love into making this, it is so very special. It is something that we will treasured and I hope one day, God willing, it might be used to cover the beds of Isla's children, my grandchildren!
Wouldn't that be neat!






Mum also bought something special for Liam, something that also might, one day, God willing, be passed down to his children.
A Rimu toy box. It had a little card inside that said. Hand crafted, built of New Zealand Rimu, recycled from an old house at Gate Pa.
I love the big rope handles. Liam has already filled it with treasures of course.

Thankyou mum for your wonderful handwork and your love. xx
These things will be loved and treasured.

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Heart Felt said...

What thoughtful and special gifts to treasure down the family. So wonderful...xx

briar said...

I LOVE the quilt!!! Clever Dallas!

Anonymous said...

Wow the quilt is beautiful, how did your mum do that? its exquisite - I better hurry and finish the cardigan tonight!! I feel guilty. Did she buy the chest or is that made also by her? What wonderful things to chersih and keep.
Love GG

Kristin said...

wow what gorgeous gifts. Very jealous of that beautiful chest.

sweetp said...

What wonderful heirlooms for your children to treasure. The quilt is amazing!

busygnomes said...

Beautiful beautiful quilt, the fabrics are glorious.
Isa's vest looks great, vests always seem to last two seasons, tell me, Handmade Home, is it good? I did read her first book front to back, but I had heard that there was lot's of baby things in it, which I'm probably stepping out of that stage now.

Our Green Nest said...

How beautiful and how precious!!

Veronica said...

OMG there IS so much detail in that quilt. It will be quite a treasure for years to come Im sure.

Tamara said...

gorgeous! what an amazing keepsake. and how cute is that owl?

hanna said...

Thanyou so much everyone for your lovely comments

Holly C. said...

Ahhh-that quilt is absolutely gorgeous!