Getting my sewing fix

I kind of get anxious if I go too long without doing any sewing. It's kind of like an addiction. If I haven't completed anything for a week or maybe even a few days it starts bothering me and I can't stop thinking about it.
Yesterday morning I just had to make something, right away, and it had to be simple so I could get it finished that day and feel satisfied. Half finished projects bother me too. It's such a good feeling to get things completed. I think a lot of this stems from having so many ideas and not enough time to create them. It feels good to get something ticked off that ever growing list so I'm free to get onto the next thing.

This wool fabric has been waiting patiently for me to turn it into a little vest. My dad gave me this piece of fabric, not sure where he got it from. But he was right in thinking I'd want it, what a good dad I've got ;). The grey floral fabric I found at the opp shop. And I can't remember where the vintage button came from, it's one that's been hanging around for a long time.

I think this vest is going to be perfect for Isla in this early Spring kind of weather.

And as an aside, it also feels good when you make something pretty and practical from materials you already have on hand that you basically got for nothing.

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Heart Felt said...

Hanna, that little vest is just beautiful.....I'm sure she will love it. xx

Jac said...

So clever! I've never really tried making clothing before but there's such a lot of inspiration out here in blogland I think I may have to have a play!

Tamara said...

wow! so cute!

Rachel said...

This was a quick little project?!
It's gorgeous.

kimberlee said...

wow, a dad who can spot good fabric is rare indeed. what a lovely project!!! I love the perfectly lined hood. Lining is underated.

I saw a bright orange sewing machine in a vintage shop this week in berlin. I was so tempted to get it, though it was made of industrial steel and I only had my bike for transport.

I miss sewing too, and its been 3 months since I had my fix.