I love weekends: 4

Making bread in my new bowl.
It's nice and deep, great for mixing up my two loaves worth of ingredients.

I kept my apron on all day after reading this post at Garden Mama.
By the way, go visit Garden Mama today as she is very kindly giving away two very sweet vintage aprons.
But actually, just go to have a look at her lovely blog and not to enter the competition because I want to win!

Liam's collection of nuts falling from the tree out front.

Aaron is sick, wrapped up warm a feather duvet.
Liam collects all the 'febas' up that keep falling from it.

Sometimes I find strange things in the fridge.
Also found a pile of wilted leaves picked from one of the broccoli plants.

Moving our new doors to a safe spot. Our house extension plans are nearly complete.
Liam is getting out of the way quick.

I forgot to buy salt so Isla helps me crush some rock salt.

Isla loves to help at the sink. They both do.
Which normally ends with way too much water on the floor.
And..we had a lovely visit from Dada (my dad). Liam was very excited. He picked all the mandarins off our little tree "Dada might like dat" and carried them around in a container all day. Then in a moment of weekness he ate them all, all 6 of them, before Dada arrived.
When Dada was leaving Liam dissapeared and returned with two feijoas and a lemon. Obviously to try and make up for the mandarin loss.


Heart Felt said...

Looks like you had a lovely domestic weekend...wonderful. xx

mee said...

Hope Aaron is on the mend and that he keeps this bug to himself! You are fortunate not to have found a large plastic bowl with stones and alot of water in your frig last week. Aunty Adde put a stop to that as it was being transported inside!

Mary Beth said...

I love your weekend posts! Such pretty photos. I entered that apron giveaway too--so exciting.

gardenmama said...

You are a sweetie!!
I love your photos, your house looks so peaceful and beautiful!
That bowl is beautiful, great find!!
Now you just have to come over and "officially" enter my giveaway ; ) You will be entered *3* times for posting plus your comment!
Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic coverage of events of the weekend Hanna. Great food, exciting house prospects ( windows look great) and wonderful stories about the most thoughful,sweet and best grandson I have. Love the mandarin story for Dada, but the temptation was too great to partake of the fruit! I hope he hasn't got it from me - I ( about 3 years old) picked all the nice bits if pastry sticking up off the top of Gandpa Pearsons birthday pie, not realising they read Happy Birthday.!! My mother was not impresed. Love GG