Birthday treats - and a giveaway!

Felted bead necklace from Nord.


Brooch handmade by Frith.

Embroidered brooch from Tamsin Cooper.

The Essential Guide to Craft. Covers a huge range of topics. Lots of things I'd like to try.

A tin of black olives. A family tradition.

Violet flavoured sweets.

This book to be purchased once it's printed in August. I'm looking forward to seeing what's inside it's pages.

...And some pocket money in my purse. Such fun.
And yes I did mention something about a giveaway.
All this birthday giving has made me want to do some giving.
I have ordered another pretty flower brooch from Frith similar to the one above
(it will probably be different colours).
So I can give it away to one of you!
Just leave a comment on this post to go into the draw.
I'll randomly pick a winner a week from today (so as to give the artisit some time to work!).
So that's next Wednesday (NZ time).
Thankyou everyone xx


Heart Felt said...

Happy Birthday Hanna! What beautiful and thoughtful gifts - hope the rest of your day treats you well. xx

speckled egg said...

Wow what wonderful gifts-lucky you! Did Frith use my tutorial for the brooch? It's fantastic!

Melissa said...

hooray! happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hello 'speckled egg', yes I did use your tutorial, thankyou!! I've made myself one too. What a small world!

Oh, and thanks Hanna or the
'creative time', I'll get onto straight away xx

Ange said...

Happy birthday, Hanna!! And Frith, I'm using your idea from your wedding for loot bags for my boy's birthday party on Saturday. Kind of excited to see how they turn out ...

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Hanna - it was my birthday on Monday so what better time to post a first comment from this long time reader.

Like you, I was received lot's of treats on my birthday - but another wee something special would always go down well ;-)

Our Green Nest said...

Happy birthday!!! Looks like you got alot of special little gifts!!!

Mary Beth said...

Happy Birthday Hanna! I think we have the same birthday! What great gifts. And I'd love to win the brooch!

gardenmama said...

Happy Birthday : )
Your photos are always so lovely, I love the peacefulness in the colors of your blog...
Such beautiful gifts, the felted necklace is so lovely with the button clasp!! We have made felted necklaces in the past I love the process, the colors on yours are fantastic!

Simply Vintagegirl said...

What wonderful birthday lovelies - it must have been so fun to receive such sweet gifts!

I might have to look into the Essential Guide to Craft, I don't believe that I have seen it before.

And, thank you for the giveaway - that style of broach is adorable!

Have you gotten your tooth taken care of yet? I hope it doesn't bother you too much!

Joyfully in Christ,
Emily Rose

huebscher said...

happy, happier, happiest wishes to you! and what a darling brooch.

Helen said...

Happy birthday! Lovely birthday gifts, too!

x Helen

Miss Smith said...

Wow, what a great collection of treats. Happy birthday to you!

mamak said...

Oh my! I just found your blog and am completely smitten! What beautiful give-aways!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!
I am enjoying your blogging :)

gabrielle said...

happy birthday, coming out of lurkdom to say I love the brooch

SofiasMama said...

Happy birthday to you!
Sounds as though you had a wonderful day and were given some gorgeous things.

Today is my birthday. Just another thing which is rather similar. : )
I had my first night away with just my husband since our Sofia was born. It was wonderful fun.

kimberlee said...

wow, what an amazing range of birthday fun, I hope the day was as good as it looks:)

I think I will have to get that amanda blake book eventually too. (oh yeah and since i have no mailing address at the moment, please count me out of the draw)

xoxo and many happy birthday wishes

Unknown said...

Oh, wonderful birthday gifts...that book is on my list as well. Love the flower brooch!!

Cut&Alter said...

A very belated birthday to you!!! Hope that you had a great day and the presents look great. Would love to be in for a chance to win your giveaway - the brooch is just gorgeous. x

Nikki Elisabeth said...

Hope you had a loooovely birthday lady!