Matchy matchy

Not many words today.
Still a bit worn out from our visiting.
Just some things I've been meaning to show for a while.

Mum came and stayed for a few days (lovely) and took these pictures, thanks mum.

Lovely lovely lovely vintage barkcloth fabric from my sister.
A skirt for me. I finally made something from this Japanese craft book.
And a dress from the leftovers for Isla.


Anonymous said...

So so sooooo cute, Im so glad you found something pretty to make for you both xx

mee said...

Nice legs! Isla expression is saying-'pick me up-the photo shoot is over!'

melissa said...

oohh- both dress and skirt are gorgeous!!!
(and yes- nice legs! they look so healthy and tanned... hope that's not too wierd for me to say.)
i have that same barkcloth - except the flowers are pink. :)

Heart Felt said...

ditto - nice legs Hanna - love the fabric and photos. xx

Sally Anne said...

Beautiful !!

kimberlee said...

how beautiful you guys are! so sweet.

I love those japanese crafting books, they seem to have some great patterns though I can never find a pattern with a defined waist, which I really need!

Miss Smith said...

I love that fabric, it is so sweet. And I love the pieces you made from it, too!