Ideas and inspiration

I was flicking through the new edition of good magazine at a friend's house.
It's a really good little magazine (ha). Lots of great ideas about sustainable living.
Big ideas and little ideas.
From building an eco house and making your own biofuels to what hair dyes to use and how to pack your kids lunches.

You should take a look at it if you can. It's a New Zealand magazine, not sure if it's available overseas. But they do have a blog you can visit here.
There was a great article in the latest issue on school lunches and trying to cut out all the rubbish (as in food and as in packaging). Some good ideas on what to pack for the kids and how to package them.
Up until last week I was carrying around with us lots of little containers for the kids snacks.
But I loved the idea they had, and went out the next day and got us one.

A great way to hold all those little kiddie snacks don't you think?
It's a fishing tackle box (well actually this one came from the craft department, but same thing really).
Only problem I've had with it is that I actually need two as it's causing fights at the moment.

And before I go.
An inspiring website that I found today.
Inspiring me to sew.
Her children have the most beautiful clothes.
Like this and this and this and this and this and this and this.
It's all in French. You can see it translated in English here, though the translation is a little crazy, but it gives you an idea of what she is talking about.
Bye for now, must go sort these kiddlies out, it's been one of those days. The ones where I'm sure they're scheming together to cause as much mischief and mayhem and chaos as possible.


melissa said...

i love the snack-box idea! i think my kids would love one too. will start looking out in fishing shops. :)

and thank you for the link to that beautiful french blog- i agree, very inspiring!

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Yeh that fishing-box is the best! and the yummy filling - wrap free, right on. And yeh heh that blog is gorgeous!!!

Heart Felt said...

I just love the clothes and the SHOES! Just beautiful....thanks for sharing. x

Anonymous said...

Yes the packaging that kids snacks come in is crazy, I am always very aware about it when Im doing the shopping, I often buy big packets of chips or crackers etc and put them in small paper bags instead of buying the pre packaged stuff.
Also for yoghurt I buy the big pot and put it into small reusable containers.
I just hate the thought of all the snack packaging in the bins.

kimberlee said...

I have been hearing a lot about that magazine, I must go get a copy!

beautiful photo too!