To stop the door

I made a doorstop.
I know, not very exciting really.
But I do like it.

We have a bit of a wonky house and some doors do funny things. The bathroom door always bangs shut if left open. I was sick of finding things to jam it.

I kind of just made this up as I went along, cutting here and sewing there. So I'm surprised how un-wonky it turned out.
I filled it with some pebbles and rice and a bit of polyester stuffing in the top to help hold it's shape.
And it has a handle for easy shifting.


Stacey said...

You know, this is very funny.

I made a door stop a couple of weeks ago too from some old retro fabric I had previously made cushions out of for the lounge. I almost looks as though it is the same pattern, only I know it isn't because I drafted mine myself!

I visit you blog lots too, thanks for being inspiring.

Our Green Nest said...

This has been on my list for quite awhile actually!!! You've inspired me to get it done (soon)! TU! Yours looks great.

Anonymous said...

Very good, I think I will make one too, pebbels and rice, brilliant!
Much better than sand, and the stuffing for the top, how sweet, would'nt want it to look out of shape would we?!?

turehutinker said...

So very cool Hanna.Love that it has a handle.
Im looking forwards to seeing you all in May.
The photos of Isla are great. Your mum has a good eye for photography.
When we were little we also had have mother daughter dresses. It was the in thing and most clothes were handmade. No imports back then. We even had matching sister clothes made :)
I think it is back in. You may have begun a trend.

Unknown said...

Clever! And useful, optimum craft satisfaction eh. - Lies