I have so many blog posts waiting to be written.
There just seems to be so much going on at the moment that I'm not quite making it here.
Thought I'd just pop in today to say a quick hi.
And share a photo I like.

I snapped this the other day. Liam resting in the sun with my newly bought opp shop linen. Freshly washed and drying in the sunshine.
(I ended up having to re-wash the quilt he's lying on as I found plum juice on it later)


Heart Felt said...

What a lovely image....xx

GG said...

...fresh washing and a fresh picture of Liam - made my day

speckled egg said...

Beautiful picture. There's nothing like a line full of fresh, sunny washing-or is that just me?

Amy said...

There's something nice about bringing things home and washing them. It's like finding them all over again. The photo is beautiful.