It's hot

We have been having some REALLY hot days.
No rain for ages and the garden and lawn are suffering.
We are on tank water and have already had to fill up twice this summer.
Apparently we can expect some rain next week. Hopefully.

In the mean time.
A good way to pass a hot summer's day is to hang out with friends, splash in the paddling pool and eat the last of the sun warmed plums off the tree.


Anonymous said...


sweetp said...

Are you sure that's not an advertisement for cute MCN's??? Cute!

Unknown said...

Gosh yeh its so hot eh. Those kiddies in their fuzzi's are gorgeous. And I relate to the 'so many blog-posts to be written' ha ha. -Lies

mee said...

And who might the wee dot be at the end on the right? Isla hanging with the big kids? Wish i could rip off my top to keep cool!