Angel food cake

Aaron's family has a tradition of having angel food cake as a birthday cake.
I have fond memories of birthday celebrations at Grandma and Grandad's place before Aaron and I were married. Aaron's Grandma would always bring out a beautiful big angel food cake, covered in cream, and fresh strawberries.

I'd never heard of angel food cake before, and actually have never seen it anywhere else.
I suppose it's sort of a cross between a pavlova (It has about a dozen egg whites in it!) and a sponge cake.

I now have my very own angel food cake tin (you need a special tin to make it) and a copy of the recipe.
And I'm happily carrying the tradition on.

Happy birthday to my darling Aaron for last thursday!

We had ours with fresh whipped cream and blackberries. Delicious.


Anonymous said...

YUM!!!!!! That looks sooooo good.

mee said...

And Mum says 'oops! We forgot again!Do hope that angel food cake tasted as good as it looks! And Happy belated birthday Aaron xx

Our Green Nest said...

That looks yum! My husband's fam does angel food cake for alot of birthdays too and it's my Mom's fave!

Anonymous said...

My mother always made Angel Food Cake for my brother's birthday growing up. It's a wonderfully light cake and your post has made me hungry for a slice!