Frosts and feasts

We've returned home from our visit with family, returned to the slightly warmer temperatures of Auckland. Only 2 1/2 hours drive north but noticeably warmer.

Morning frost at mums

My mum turns 50 later this month so we decided to have an early birthday celebration feast while we were all together. And a feast it was. I didn't take many photos because the lighting was poor (and the flash on my camera is awful!). But I did take this one of the dessert. Lemon Creme and Chocolate Rasberry Tart in the background. Yum!

Thankyou sister for all the work you did to make this happen. I think we should feast more often :o)

As well as feasting there was, chatting, and playing, and little new nephew cuddling, and running around all crazy with the excitement of it all (Liam).
So now we're back, recovering from the excitement of it all, and unpacking, and settling into the rythym of home again.

And look at some of the treasures that I unpacked from our bags. How spoilt are we!

A gorgeous brooch from my eldest sister from here. Our great granny had a dinner set with this pattern on it so it makes it quite special. I love it.

A beautiful pashmina from mum from her recent travels, it's soft and luxurious and warm. Just perfect for wrapping around and around my neck in this cold weather.

And some very cute shoes and the cutest guinue pig ever also from mum's travels. The guinea pig is handmade by Barbara Samsoni and is made from hand woven cotton. The colours are so gorgeous and vivid. (And shhh, don't tell Isla but a beautiful handmade rag doll from the same store will be heading her way at Christmas).

The coolest wooden train for Liam's birthday from my eldest sister. It's nice and big and beautifully made. Isla likes playing with it just as much as Liam does.

And a super pretty plate to help start me off on a collection. From my younger sister, she's as bad with surprises as me, this was supposed to be part of my Christmas present! This is number 3 in my collection, I hope to have a whole dinner set of old plates eventually.

And thankyou sister for convincing me I did need this pretty jug from your local opp shop. See it's found a home already, holding my knitting needles on the window sill in my craft 'nook'.


Anonymous said...

I will have to agree with you about Auckland being warmer than 'south of the Bombays' as I've just picked up hailstones bigger than I've ever seen and popped them in the freezer...just in case noone believes me!

melissa said...

beautiful, beautiful things! it's funny, but i have a very similar brooch (from the same place i think) and the same pashmina- bought for me by my parents-in-law.
i love reading your blog.

- melissa (tinyhappy)