Out in the garden

We have plentiful tomatoes! So so many tomatoes! Most of them we are just munching away on, but I have also chopped lots up for the freezer and made a big batch of tomato sauce.

The little yellow ones fall off the vine when they are ready, so the ground is always sprinkled with them, it looks quite pretty.

The garden is looking very different from the last time I posted about it, see the before shots here. Which I see was way back in November, wow, we are 3 days into Autumn now!

The tomatoes were just tiny baby seedlings and the carrots had not even sprouted.

Liam helped me scatter all the spinach seeds we collected from our old plants and now we have LOTS of seedlings. We have been using the baby leaves in our salads.

My pumpkin plant has gone crazy and decided to see how high it can climb the tree next to it! There is even a big pumpkin growing way up there, hopefully the branches will be able to hold it's weight.

My dad stayed for a while over Christmas time and built me another compost bin while he was here, it's fantastic! I really needed another bin. Now I can leave one to compost down while I'm filling the second one up.

I haven't actually planted any potatoes but my potted lemon tree always has a crop that sprouts under it, it's quite handy! I love it when the garden does it's own thing! I had just enough to make this yummy recipe from Jamie Oliver - Crispy and sticky chicken thighs with squashed new potatoes and tomatoes. It's a simple recipe but really delicious, and a great way to use up some of those tomatoes!


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