Some more holiday snaps

Second and last instalment...
- Happy weekending everyone - and happy birthday to my nephew Taleb who is turning 15 today, woohoo!

Liams first time on the log flume, Isla went later in the day when she'd built up the courage!
That's Liam second from the right, between Aaron and GG
Isla was so so so excited to have her photo taken with the koala!!!!unfortunately she wasn't big enough to hold it herself but at least she got to pat it and hold it's hand :)
That's Aaron up there, freeky, of course I would have done it but someone had to stay with the kids right, I think I've got a bit soft in my old age haha!


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Mee said...

Busy holiday and looks like you had a heap of fun. I wouldn't have ventured on to half those rides!I'm a scaredy cat ;)