opp shopping lately

Oh my lovely opp shops I do love you so. This is one day, one opp shop, so much good stuff.

These 2 blankets only cost me $2, the colours are just PERFECT for me.

I needed some more casual t-shirts, the white one on the right is brand new, label still attached, awesome. And the jeans are so Spring! Perfect since Spring is on it's way, yay!

This funny little log vase is quite cute and quirky, not something I would normally buy, but somehow it reminded me of my great granny, perhaps she had something similar?

We are off to visit family in Australia in about a week and I needed a hefty, roomy kind of bag that I could shove lots of stuff into, great for on the plane. The top zips closed so I'm not going to loose anything out of it when it's squished under the seat in front of me!

One of the best things about opp shopping is getting all your treasures home and deciding where you are going to put them and what you are going to use them for...

or here...?

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Mee said...

Hah-love it! So i'm not the only shopper in the family ;) The log vase is similar to a green one i have that was Granny's but mine is more like a 3 'pronged' branch. The little glass jar is of course, an old fish paste jar!