Breaking through from the old to the new

breaking through from old to new

This was a real milestone moment in the story of our house extension. Breaking the wall down between our little old lounge and our new (almost completed) extension.
Our house has been transformed from a little pokey batch where you had to move about in single file to an open spacious light filled home.

breaking through from old to new
breaking through from old to newbreaking through from old to new
breaking through from old to new
breaking through from old to new

But agh, what a lot of mess! I'm sure you can imagine the mess and dust to clean up afterwards, we did this a few weeks ago and there are still traces of dust hiding here and there.
There is still a lot to do before it is finished, but it's feeling now like we are really truly nearing completion. Next job is to finish oiling the ceilings and painting the ceiling beams and then we can lay the oak floors, can't wait!
And, we have also moved into our new bedroom, another milestone moment, but that can be another post.

breaking through from old to new

And just an update on the whooping cough - we are coming out of the fog, finally. We're rather tired but feeling a little more relaxed that we are over the worst of it. Liam has pretty much stopped coughing and Isla is only having a few bad coughs at night, but it's not scarey anymore. We had three nights of scarey with Isla, when I was just willing her to take another breath! I have done a lot of research on remedies for fighting whooping cough, and we have been taking all sorts of vitamins and herbal teas and concoctions. I could write a book!


Dee said...

So good to hear you're on the home stretch. if i ever need any info on rememdies i'll come to you first!
are your kids vax? ours aren't and i'm kinda expecting them to get all these lurgies at some stage...and just wondering what the attitudes of the Drs are like?
there is measles going around here and i'm dreading having 4 kids with that!!

Tamara said...

oh how exciting! congratulations on all of the progress.

best wishes on whooping cough remedies. i used to not vax isaiah but we are caught up now. hope you all get to feeling well soon!

Holly C. said...

Your new room is gorgeous! I'm excited for you.

Glad the kids are starting to feel better!

Mrs Knight said...

very happy to hear you's are at the tail end. how horrid!!!
oo cant wait to see a pic of your new lounge! x

Stacey said...

That is going to be amazing. You won't know yourselves with that huge space to enjoy.

Congratulations on a huge home milestone!

Anonymous said...

Looks great Sis! Can't wait to see it in person x
PS I hope that cute as window did'nt get broken!