Lovely parcels in the mail

We recieved a very fun parcel in the mail today, all the way from Japan!
Diane from Monkey Magic sent us some wonderful goodies. We decided to do a little swapsie, just for fun. We're still collecting up a few more bits and pieces and then we'll be sending off our parcel, on a little trip to Japan. Such fun, I do love sending and receiving mail. Not including bills of course :)

parcels in the mail
parcels in the mail

The kids enjoyed the sweet treats, thankyou Keita :)

japanese sweets
enjoying sweets
japanese sweets

And look at the rest of the goodies! Eeeee, love the fabrics!

japanese fabric

Nursery rhyme/fairy tale calendar - so CUTE. And sweet little wooden gift tags.

nursery rhyme calendar

And Japanese craft books! I'd love to visit Japan one day, but I'd have to take a whole extra suitcase with me for the all craft books I'd want to take home.

japanese craft books

Ahhh, I just want to start sewing, right now!

japanese craft book
japanese sewing book
japanese sewing book
japanese sewing book

Thankyou so much Diane for your sweetness and kindness xx


Ana said...

It's funny how Paris is always touted as the fashion capital of the world but Japan is SO on to it with fashion - I personally like to take my cue from them :)

Have you followed Japanese crochet patterns before? You don't have to be able to read/understand Japanese at all! Also they're VERY comprehensive.

Holly C. said...

What a wonderful swap!

Love that fab fabric. :)

Mrs Knight said...

amazing Idea!!!! swapsie's from another country is the best huh!! Japanese stuffs are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Cool, you are in swapsie heaven! Can't wait to see what you make out of that fabric.
P.S give my little guy a hug from me

Jennifer said...

What a fun package, those clothing designs are great.

Allana said...

Oh my!! What a delicious parcel! I love your couch cover too :)

nz green buttons said...

wow, what a great package. We got a Christmas package from a friend in Germany today, filled with exotic goodies, much like yours. But without those amazing Japanese books, I do wish I could visit Japan to buy loads of those books.

Diane said...

Oh I'm so glad that the parcel arrived safely and that you are pleased with it!

Your lovely photos make it seem really exciting, even to me who sent it...

I of course forgot to take pictures before I sent it, so I'll be linking back here from my blog too. Have fun sewing!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool. Japanese things and design is so sophisticated and unique. What great learning for the children too.I had thoughts of you going to Japan to visit this great friend and me looking after Liam and Isla! Then I thought, wouldn't it be great for them too, but the offer is there ... :-) It is so fun to receive things that inspire. GG XX