We're going away for a week, maybe more. Aaron is on a business trip, he called from LA this morning. In a couple of days he's off to Europe. So we are off to visit family for a bit, to make looking after the two monkeys a little easier, and so the time goes quicker and we don't miss dad too much.
Today we're busy packing and baking things to take away with us. And I've been looking for ways to keep them busy, while I'm busy getting organised. I was going to make sushi for dinner, but now I'm thinking maybe takeaways.

They wanted pirate hats this morning

Painting butter on the muffin trays, a great way to keep them entertained for ages.

Milk bottles with holes punched in the lids.

So anyway, I might not be here so much in the next couple of weeks. I'm taking my laptop with me so I may pop in, we'll see how we go.
Bye for now


Jessica said...

Have a great trip!!
You'll never guess what I found thrifting today--more pyrex!

gardenmama said...

enjoy your time away hanna!
it looks like there is much beauty and creativity in your home : )

kate said...

I'm so glad you found me so I could find YOU! I love the simple ideas to keep the little ones busy...and the pictures are oh-so-sweet...Have a great little getaway-- I'll be pooping in to see when you get back, and in the meantime, can look at old posts:)

Heart Felt said...

Have a great trip! x

kimberlee said...

enjoy it! its so good to hae family around:)

melissa said...

enjoy your trip hanna. :)
i love those ideas for keeping kids busy- especially the muffin tin one!!

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Such beautifl photo's - have a happy trip X Lies