It's the last day of August

Which means two things.
Tomorrow is Spring, yay!
And today is the last of my photo a day posts. It's been fun, posting every day this month (apart from a few missed ones, and I started late too). Might try and keep up posting more often, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

I'll finish off with a question:
Am I the only one who has a child obsessed with ordering and organising things?
These photos are just from this morning.

I think this is from last night.

My folded washing all laid out.

"Treasure" boxes.

His building bits separated into colours.

Pegs in lids.

A photo a day :: 21


Gypsy said...

Oh I love that .. he is a natural Montessori kid. Sorting is really big at Montessori preschools - but some kids never get into it!

Ange said...

My friend's little boy used to come to her and ask her to come see his "collections" - he'd line up cars, books, dead cicadas (in summer) - that sort of thing. My boy likes to sort his cars out from each other, but I don't know what the sort criteria is just yet ...

kimberlee said...

wow, I think that is a sure sign of spacial and numerical aptitude. Love the photos!

Stella said...

classic! What a sweetie, he must keep you very amused!