Happy birthdays

Firstly, happy birthday to mum for yesterday. I meant to post this yesterday of course but I didn't quite make it to the computer (likely due to the fact that Isla decided not to sleep). I hope you had a wonderful day and you enjoyed your dinner and the Angel Food cake Frith made you. This has turned into a week for celebrating my mum hasn't it :)

And happy belated birthday to Aaron's mum. I didn't quite make it to the computer on her birthday either! So happy birthday for the Sunday-before-last. It was lovely to be able to 'see' you on the day via Skype.
We love you both!
(And ps. both of you have pressies on the way, I'm so bad with timing these things).

And now some photos for the day.
We went for a walk this morning. This Spring-like weather is lovely.
Liam bought his bag of animals along. But they got emptied out...
As he discovered there were acorns to collect.
I love forget-me-knots.
I think I love jasmine more. The whole house is filled with it's wonderful scent now.
I managed to save this one acorn with attached hats. Liam's acorns weren't allowed to have hats.
This is Liam's special pinecone. Look mum it's got a dic (stick)! I lub (love) this one.
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Gypsy said...

Oh I am in LOVE with your pink jug - where did you buy it? Your photos are so amazing.

hanna said...

Hi Gypsy, thankyou, the jug is from the opp shop - of course, everything I have is from the opp shop he he!

mee said...

I had a great birthday-coffee at Twickenhams in the a.m and for tea, a wonderful free-range chooky roast with all the vege's and for-the-first-time...angel cake! Adde also made a fab choc-hazelnut tart. I was alot spoiled and am a little plumper!Just wish you guys were there to share it too. Mxx

Ange said...

Oh, jasmine ... I cut a huge swag of it out of the garden today and it's all around the house. That smell is glorious!!