A little swapsie

With my lovely sis.
It was her idea.
She wanted a pixie hat for Saxon.
She said she'd make me something in return.
While hanging out the washing I had a brainwave.
A peg apron.
I truly truly need a peg apron.

I never expected it to be so cool.

Isn't my sis the best.

I love the little apples she stitched on.

It's really made hanging out the washing not seem so bad.

This is the hat I made for Saxon.
It seems we have a thing for apples.


Heart Felt said...

I love the apples too....what a great swap. xx

Mary Beth said...

I love both of those!

speckled egg said...

Aw... You guys make me wish I had a sister!

Liesl said...

Both gifts are so adorable!

Jo's Place said...

Lovely, wish I had a sister or two like you both

christina said...

They are both, so lovely!