I have been making

It just takes me a while to get around to photographing things.
These are some clothes I made for Isla at the end of last year.

1. A little burgundy jacket with flowery trim that does up with metal snaps.
2. A vintage doily sewn on to a plain top to pretty it up so people don't call her a boy ;o)
3. A skirt made from a pretty pillowcase from the opp shop.
4. Super comfy pants made from the sleeves of a shirt of mine that didn't fit.

They have all had lots of wear already.

Some new things have been made just lately which I will show soon.

Must go.
Not many words today.
Lots to do.
(what are we going to have for dinner...?)

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Anonymous said...

I got my sewing machine out again after a long summer holiday - wish i could sew like you though!