I'm still here

Just been out of town and out of action for a bit.
We were down country catching up with family last week and this week we've been sick.
But we're feeling a bit better today and have even been out planting some seeds and seedlings in the garden.

And we've bought some flowers in to cheer the house up.

It's a long weekend this weekend, Labour day on Monday. So we'll be getting back out into the garden again I'm sure. We're off to Australia for a week on the 8th of November so we want to get some trees and plants in the ground and get them established a bit before we leave them to fend for themselves for a week.
I hope it rains while we are away.
I hope it doesn't rain this weekend.
Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back next week with some things to show - a week of new old things...

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turehutinker said...

Hi Hanna. Glad to see you back.It's so uplifting to see lots of flowers again.I have sweetpeas I'm going to plant.
Check out Ash's new arrival on my blog XOXO