A bit frazzled

Isla has had tonsilitis the poor wee mite, so she has been quite miserable for the past 4 days. She has been off her food and has been waking 3 hourly for milk in the night. It's been like having a newborn in the house again. So I'm feeling rather frazzled.
Fortunately she is a bit happier today and attempted to eat some things for lunch. Yay.

To make things a bit more frazzling Liam has decided that now is a good time to not have afternoon sleeps anymore. Hmmm, it would have been nice if he'd consulted me first before going ahead with this new arrangement.
I think he has decided that there are too many adventures to be had outside now that the weather has changed. There is no time to sleep.

He's pottering around out there all day at the moment, digging in the garden, pulling out weeds (and the odd plant!), sweeping the deck, collecting snail shells and worms and picking dandelions. No dandelion lasts long around here, as soon as they show their faces they're picked and collected up. The daisies and buttercups aren't so important it seems, just the dandelions.

Liam on a dandelion hunt


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear little Isla is feeling better, tell Liam we have lots & lots of dandelions at our place just waiting for him to pick them next time he comes to visit his cousies.oxoxo

turehutinker said...

Hi Hanna. Little Luca was over for a couple of nights and he also had tonsilitis. It sure does zap them. Im glad she's okay and you getting your nights sleep back again. Im sure it's the hardest thing for parents...broken sleeps. Love to you all XOXOX