Success and coffee

Don't you love it when you make something up and it turns out good. I made these tuna fish cakes last night and they were so yum. I was trying to think of something that both the kids would eat, (and something I could hide veges in for Liam!).

Here is the recipe if you want to try them.

:: Tuna fish cakes ::

1 can tuna
3 slices of soft bread torn up into small bits
1/2 carrot grated
1 small beetroot grated
2 silverbeet leaves finely chopped
1 Tbsp (approx) chopped chives
a splash of worchester sauce
2 eggs to hold it all together

Form into balls then squash down in the frypan and cook until golden on both sides. Yum. Success. And they both ate them. Success again.

And something else yum.
This coffee.

It is so good. And what I love is that it is delivered straight to your door, and so quickly! It was only ordered yesterday (thanks for ordering it Frith xx) and this morning it was sitting there waiting in the morning sunshine wafting out it's glorious smell, I can even smell it through my blocked nose. The courier man must have snuck down while we were still in bed. Thankyou mr courier man, I've just turned the coffee machine on.
If you want to order some here is the Havana website. They're located in Wellington, we're in Auckland but like I say delivery is QUICK. (Don't know if they ship international). I find their website a little confusing and very slow with our dial up but it's worth trying to navigate.


Anonymous said...

Thats ok!Yes mine arrived on my doorstep this morning also, my courier man must have sneaked up while I wasnt looking.
Mmmm love that smell of freshly ground coffee, that and fresh baked bread and also leather, yes they do sniff good!

Anonymous said...
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