Kitchen shelf re-styling

So last weekend Aaron removed everything off our kitchen shelves to oil and paint them. It was one of those jobs that didn't quite get finished in the big scheme of our renovation. We have a few little jobs like that around the house that need finishing off and Aaron is now going through each room and ticking them off one by one.
After living with it all cleared and empty for a week I decided I was tired of how it was before and it was time for a change. This was the perfect excuse for a total refresh.
I started by putting out everything that was previously on the shelf and piling it up onto the bench in front of me. Then I walked around the house and looked in my cupboards to see if there was anything else that I thought might need to go up there too.

It actually took ages. Lots of rearranging and changing my mind and stealing things from other places in the house. But it was heaps of fun! Now I want another shelf to do!
I reckon it looks a lot better than it did before. See the before photo below. I had just kind of added to it over time without really thinking about how I actually wanted it to look like overall. It looks a lot fresher now, less cluttered, and more balanced. What do you think? Or maybe it doesn't look any better but it's just nice to have a change of view!
Here are some detailed pics below - and of course most of the items are bought from the op shop, or otherwise they are gifted, or family hand-me-downs (mostly from my Great Granny I've just realised! She did have some very cool stuff and created amazing art!).
SMALL GREEN BOWLS - op shop. GREEN PLANT POT - op shop. PLANT - cutting from one growing wild. WOODEN PEARS - op shop (these used to be in the kids kitchen play set. PHOTO OF FORGET-ME-NOTS - taken and developed and printed in the dark room by me! LITTLE BASKET- op shop. POTTERY URN (which holds my eggs) - family hand-me-down from my mum. BLUE TIN - gift from my mum. KITCHEN AID - gift from my dad (which turned out to be the perfect colour for my future kitchen!).

PLANT POT - op shop. PLANT ON TOP SHELF - Mitre 10. ENAMEL FISH DISH - handmade by my Great Granny. LARGE CAT - hand-me-down from my Great Granny. SMALL CAT - op shop. BAG OF COFFEE - gift from my in-laws from the Philippines (I love the packet!). COPPER WINE GOBLETS - gift from my dad. TOY MEN - Aarons from when he was a kid. WOODEN OLD MAN BOTTLE STOPPER - family hand-me-down from my mum (I always thought of this as my Great granddad 'Puppy').

BLUE POTTERY JUG - op shop. GREEN MUGS - made by me, the remaining two of a set of four (I just checked the bottom and these were made in 1997. What! 20 years ago! But aren't I only 21 ?!). HEN ARTWORK - "Fowls" by Ruth Coyle (my Great Granny) family hand-me-down from my mum. NATIVE BIRDS ARTWORK - by Flox (free with Your home and Garden magazine). WOODEN VASE - op shop. POTTERY VASE - op shop (actually stolen from a pile destined to sell in my shop! It just looked so good up there, sorry).

BROWN COFFEE CUPS - op shop. (With two cool tea bag quotes that I needed to keep. "Be giving, forgiving, compassionate and loving." "In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous. - Aristotle." LIGHT BROWN POOLE CUPS - I have a set of 6 of these, some are op shopped and some are family hand-me-downs from my Great Granny.

WOODEN BOAT - op shop (Liam has kindly lent me this from his boat collection upstairs!). ARTISTS MANIKIN - op shop.

ARTWORK - Oil on canvas. "The drink of milk" by Ruth Coyle 1950 (My Great Granny). Written under the title is 'My son Ewen'. GREEN POT - op shop.
And there you have it folks, all you ever wanted to know about my kitchen shelf! And probably more than you wanted to know! Ha!
And as a side note - there still needs to be an extractor fan fitted onto that wall above the oven, and a tile back splash - they're on the list! Oh and a big photograph to be hung on that wall on the right - I have one already bought from this amazing local photographer, just need to get it printed and framed!


Mee said...

Love your rearrangement. And yes, build more shelves as I have HEAPS of stuff to pass on! :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked you out for ages. Didn't realise you were still doing this. Wow I love what you've done.
It all looks so interesting. Can't wait to keep reading down your next blogs. I've been missing out. 😘

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We have a few little jobs like that around the house that need finishing off and Aaron is now going through each room and ticking them off one by one.Office Desk

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