Feeling crafty

It's December people! How do you feel about that? Christmas seems to rush upon us so fast doesn't it. But AMAZINGLY this year I'm ready for it! I know, not like me at all. I've pretty much ticked off all my Christmas present shopping. This is truly amazing, and not at all like me, I always say I'm going to get it done early but then it never quite happens.

So I'm feeling pretty organised really, I mean don't get me wrong, it's still a busy time of year, I'm not quite sitting back with my feet up sipping iced drinks, yet. But we've eased up on the regular home schooling schedule and our classes for the year are finishing up - last drum lesson for Liam today and Isla's ballet show next weekend will signal the official start of our summer holiday, bring it on!

So we are finding time to do a bit of crafting and a bit of baking, and it feels so good.

Last Christmas just rushed by so quickly as we were so focussed on getting the house finished off - our final council inspection was booked for the first week of January, so it was a bit hard to relax and get into the Christmas mode. This year I'm determined to slow down and enjoy it and celebrate advent and get the kids involved and really thinking about what Christmas is all about for us - celebrating the birth of The Lord Jesus Christ! So expect to see lots of posts in the next few weeks about what we are getting up to. And I hope you too are remembering to slow down and enjoy this time of the year.

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