What's been happening?

The final stage of our house rennovation has begun.  We started with a little two bedroom bach, with a tiny kitchen and teeny lounge.  I think it must have started off with one room and has been added on to here and there over the years to end up as a crazy little assortment of rooms with low ceilings (handy when you need to change a lightbulb) and many different floor levels. It has suited us just fine, it's been a warm cosy roof over our heads, and it's sad in a way to say goodbye to all it's idiocyncrasies.  But it will be nice, to have more space and more light, and level floors and no gaps where there shouldn't be gaps. So time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.


This is all 'pre-digger' prep, it's a strange feeling going through the house thinking that I must remove everything from every room that I don't want to be destroyed.  Curtain rails, light fittings, doors, timber flooring. 



Liam had great fun starting the demolition work.

DSC09656 DSC09662

Lots of memories in that little kitchen (just been looking through old blog posts and reminiscing).



Getting a new semi-temporary kitchen up and running before the old one is gone. In the photo below the old kitchen is on the right and the new one on the left. Isla is trying out the new tap that the plumber has just installed, while Liam (you can just see his head on the right) is doing some demolition work, he's knows all about pinch bars and crow bars and is pretty skilled at using them now.


- next installment tomorrow - 'a digger came to visit'.

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