All about rabbits

I haven't been here much this year have I, what with one thing and another. But I have a new computer now, and it finally feels like we are kind of in a rhythm for the year, finally :)
So hopefully I might be back here with some kind of regularity now.

peter rabbit paper dolls

Yesterday was a rainy windy very insidey kind of day - we seem to be having a lot of those lately, so we spent pretty much the whole day crafting and making.

peter rabbit paper dolls

Rabbits are the in thing at the moment. In fact most of the time Isla is not actually a small girl but in fact a rabbit, she refers to herself as 'this rabbit' in conversation.

rainy day work

We went for a walk last sunday, and they both insisted on being led (we saw a pet rabbit being led on a lead a while back). So I had Pipi the dog on one lead while Aaron had Liam and Isla the rabbits on a lead each. We did get a few strange looks :). But you know it is quite handy when your children like to be tied up, keeps them out of trouble anyway! ha!

rainy day work

So any sort of crafting involving rabbit just goes down a treat around these parts. And having a computer and the internet up and running again means access to all sorts of printables and colouring pages :) an endless source of entertainment for indoorsy rainy days.

rainy day work

The little Peter Rabbit dolls came from here.

rainy day work
rainy day work

We also did some collage, using pictures from old children's story books and rabbit pictures we printed off the internet.

Liam's collage

rainy day collage work

Liam really got into the swing of things and went off and made this next one all by himself, choosing the pictures himself and cutting and pasting away. Kept him busy for ages, and what a neat picture he created :)

Liam's collage

I bought them a folder each to keep their artworks in, they really love them and keep wanting to make new things to put into their folders. It's still quite a novelty working out how the folder clip and lever works. They clip and unclip and lift levers and take pictures out and put them back in again and re-lever and re-clip :) a great source of entertainment.


Diane said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear that things are going well with you. Looks like your little bunnies are having a lot of fun!

Flower said...

Very Very cute, my Anya used to be a cat. She made a tail by sewing elastic onto an old possum tail. This attracted some strange looks as well! xox

Mrs Knight said...

i too would have loved to walk past you five on the street =) too cute.
love the art folder idea too!

Seth D said...

This iis a great post